Company MILESTONE Timeline

  • AGM formed in February 2001
  • Established first strategic relationship with Asian partner
  • Secured Tier II business with Lear Corporation, for the Toyota Camry
  • Awarded first LED Ambient Light with Global Corporate Common Architecture at GM to support production in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Awarded Tier I overhead console and lighting programs with GM and CAMI that include direct sales to Korea
  • Awarded first interior lighting program for the Nissan Maxima (Tier II)
  • Secured first interior textile program for the Toyota 500N (Tier II)
  • Company expands into China with KAGM Operation located in Kunshan, China.
  • Awarded Tier I business with Hyundai
  • Awarded Tier I business with Chrysler
  • Established second strategic relationship with Asian Partner, providing textile processing capabilities
  • Awarded first direct Tier I business with Ford on four vehicle platforms, utilizing textiles as the foundation to develop our Tier 1 business model
  • Started shipping high volume insert molded interior handle for Toyota programs
  • Sales increase by 13% despite the automotive downturn
  • Successfully launched three key overhead console programs for GM
  • The Company launches new floor mat program with Chrysler
  • Expanded into a second North American facility to meet increasing volume requirements
  • Continued expansion of sales with Ford
  • Selected as lead supplier for Ford Asia Pacific Africa (FAPA) region and launches production for Australia, China, Thailand, India, South Africa, and Brazil
  • Awarded overhead console program for GM Thailand and Brazil
  • Produced gas-assisted injection molded interior handles and lighting for Nissan
  • Launched first LED interior lamp for Cadillac
  • Awarded Tier I business with Shanghai General Motors (SGM)
  • Secured a major product award with Ford
  • AGM completes construction of a new headquarters in Troy, MI that has the infrastructure and capacity to support future growth
  • Received initial product award from the VW group
  • Qualified as a Tier I supplier for Volvo/Geely and BMW and actively quoting future opportunities
  • Ford – awarded major “Global Platform”
  • Developed relationship with Ford China Purchasing and Sourcing out of Nanjing, China
  • Launched numerous Nissan lighting and interior handle programs
  • High volume Chrysler program launched for Town & Country and Caravan
  • The Company begins quoting Tier I opportunities with Chrysler and GM